$FOMO Airdrop points

Dive into TOCD: Earn $FOMO Points After Every Game

To participate you need to Login or Connect
$FOMO Token address:

How can you earn $FOMO

Engage in the $FOMO life
Complete tasks on the Airdrop page
Go to tasks
Stake your Tokens in a smart contract
Stake $FOMO and NFTs, win sieges
Go to game
Why do you need $FOMO?
It's a reward for the active engagement in TOCD Infrastructure. After each game, we distribute $FOMO points to the winners (NFT or Token Stakers). Depending on the number of points, $FOMO tokens will be distributed. You will be able to stake and trade (buy/sell) $FOMO on decentralized exchanges.

We answer your questions

$FOMO, part of Digital World Points (DWP), is an ERC20 token that is stored in your personal wallet, accessible only by you. You're probably familiar with the Points system, where you earn mere numbers in a Database for a potential Airdrop? We've improved upon that! We distribute $FOMO Points after each game by analyzing a variety of variables related to your activity and contribution to the project, and then, once a month, we distribute $FOMO tokens depending on the number of your $FOMO Points. You can check the distribution history through the blockchain explorer for your address.
$FOMO guarantees you a Fair Airdrop distribution of our future token, TOCD. This token will allow you to earn indefinitely through staking in a smart contract. In the TOCD Studio economy, the team profits only until the token's release; afterwards, profits are fully redirected to all liquidity providers and TOCD token stakers. A total of 10% allocation is designated for the $TOCD distribution. The TOCD token will be distributed proportionally to the amount of $FOMO in your wallet.
Yes! $FOMO can be staked, allowing you to accumulate more $FOMO.
Stake FOMO and NFTs, win battles, engage in community life, complete tasks on the Airdrop page, and invite friends via your DRS link. Important! For a referral to be credited to you, they must make a staking transaction of a minimum amount. One transaction is enough. This ensures your referred user permanently remains your referral, as it is recorded directly on the blockchain, which you can verify. After each transaction made by your friend, you will automatically receive 10% of our commissions.
$FOMO Points are distributed to the winners after each Siege, emphasizing the value of a long-term contribution to the game. We calculate your activity level and then distribute $FOMO Points based on these calculations.
50% of all commissions will go into the $FOMO liquidity pool. You will be able to trade $FOMO directly on The Old Castle Defense and DEX.
FOMO tokens are sent every month. Make sure you have $FOMO points, we will announce the distribution of $FOMO in all our channels.